Friday, 18 July 2014

Inspiration: Living Area

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have last had a chance to sit down and type up a new blog post! Since the last time I was on here, I have got married - and all those handmade and handcrafted items have fulfilled their destiny and played their part in our special day!
Now that its all over (booooo!), I have been able to focus on my main passion and interest in life. I have been able to think about interiors, furniture, and how I would like our first home to look. I know my favourite room to design will be the Living Area, so I couldn't help but look into this first. And (if you're interested) I thought I would share my ideas with you lovely people.

Now because I have had the colours in my head for a few years now, I started with the palette first. I wanted to see how my choices actually looked together. I am very happy with my selection!

I knew I wanted the base colour to be grey and a few contrasting brights for accents. Over the past couple of years, I have developed a strong liking for mint tones and have decided this is the colour my sofa NEEDS to be! Based on this, I scoured many paint supplier websites until I found my perfect palette. It is worth remembering that just because you have taken inspiration from paint colours, it doesn't necessarily mean its all going on your walls! Use some of them them to just find objects of that particular colour.

I do not like shying away from colour. It makes me happy and I feel it is so important to experiment with it - just to see how it will look. If done in the right mixtures and quantities, it can really work.

My next task was to choose the kind of furniture, accessories and overall look for my future living area. Since joining Pinterest in early 2012, I have managed to build up a collection of items ready to create a concept board. So many people use Pinterest to gather their thoughts and ideas, and with most websites now giving you the option to 'Pin' images from their pages, it is so easy to build up a collection whilst browsing.

I love interesting items, those that make you talk. I would say my taste is quite eclectic - but with a strong mid-century influence. Creating this concept board really helped me to visualise how the items I chose would look together. I strongly recommend you do this when re-designing a room - whether it be on Photoshop or through cutting and pasting snippets from magazines. Its fun to do and so helpful!

So below, is my first concept board. I would love to know what you think. And if you love the pieces as much as I do, I have noted where I found each of them.

1. Cinnamon String Lights by Cable & Cotton. These would look great draped over a mantle or mirror, or even dangling from the ceiling in the corner of the room. Perfect for adding a bit of fun.

2. Hanging Terrarium Kit from Hammersheels on Etsy. Becoming very popular. Well aware that our first place may not have a garden, this would make the perfect alternative!

3. Enamel Pendant Light found on Two Sisters Home. You can find originals with characteristic imperfections from antique shops for around £20-£40.

4. 'Dancing Bird' Print & 'Fox' Print by artist Ewan John. Available from a range of suppliers. I had mine from Of Cabbages & Kings.

5. 'Angie' by Little Greene. Colour inspiration.

6. 'French Dark Grey' by Little Greene. Colour inspiration.

7. 'Banana Dream 2' by Dulux. Colour inspiration.

8. 'Drizzle' by Little Greene. Colour inspiration.

9. 'Marine Blue' by Little Greene. Colour inspiration.

10. The Binic Table Lamp created by Ionna Vautrin for lighting brand Foscarini. I fell in love with this little gem when I was introduced to it by Contemporist in 2010. Available from a number of suppliers in various colours. I purchased mine in Petrol Blue from Haus.

11. Air Plant Pod from ThriftedandMade on Etsy. I love the burst of neon pink and its another way of bringing the non-existent garden indoors.

12. Concrete Topped Stool from Cox & Cox. I also get drawn to fairly industrial materials. Never have I ever wanted to purchase a stool so bad!

13.Pinched Porcelain Cup Planters by Ebenotti on Etsy. So cute, and love the colours together.

14. Mid Century style Oyster Table from Urban Outfitters. Adore the simplicity of it.

15. Poncho Cushion from ohhdeer. Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn in by the bright colours and bold print!

16. Hooper Storage Coffee Table in Walnut from Made. The slim legs and curvaceous shape attracted me. I love the idea of being able to store/display things within it too.

17. CAT POT by Mirubrugmann on Etsy. As a cat lover, I couldn't resist. And its so quirky.

18. Seagrass Basket from Joss & Main. Perfect for storing blankets in and keeping next to the sofa. When it gets chilly, you can just grab one and wrap up.

19. The Margot Sofa in Pistachio Dexter's Linen by Beautiful design and the fabric is gorgeous. When you order samples from these guys, they come in the cutest little box!

20. Retrospector Cushion from ohhdeer. Again, attracted to the various colours and unusual pattern.

21. My favourite. I have always wanted an original 1960's sideboard. In fact, I want my Nan's! However, this particular one was found on Etsy on FunkyJunky's shop.

So that is my concept board and list! I do hope you enjoyed the read and appreciate the beautiful pieces as much as I do.
I also hope I have inspired you to create your own mood/concept board for your next project. I would love to see them.

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Happy Decorating.

Keep watching this space!


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