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Wedding Venues

 - Ask whether your dream venue has any wedding dates available on bank holiday weekends. Sunday's tend to      be cheaper (although not always) and your guests will not have to worry about getting up for work on the Bank Holiday Monday.

Note: Although your venue may work out cheaper on a Sunday, this isn't always the case with suppliers / registrars - they may even charge more. However, it still may work out in your favour after getting a quote from the venue.

 - If your venue is large, it is worth making sure that yours will be the only wedding on that day (unless you don't mind sharing of course!).

 - A bit of an odd one, but ask whether the venue is planning on having any work done to the building during the time of your wedding. You don't want scaffolding and red tape in the background of your wedding photos!

 - It is always good to ask whether a venue / caterer does smaller versions of the main menu for children as some prefer this to what is on offer on children's menus.

 - If you are planning on having the ceremony at the venue, ask about music during it and what facilities they have available (eg. CD player etc). 

 - It's good to know whether there will be a dedicated member of staff available to you and your guests throughout the day so everybody knows what they are supposed to be doing.

 - If you would like to get ready at your venue (especially if it is a hotel), make sure there will be a dedicated area for you. Remember your Honeymoon suite may not be available to you until early afternoon, leaving you and your bridesmaids very little time to pamper and preen!

 - Make sure you ask about decorations. If you are planning on decorating a venue with bunting or candles, you need to make sure the venue are okay with this so you are not disappointed when everything is set in stone. 

 - If you are having your photographer with you all day, they will probably expect you to provide them with a hot meal. Make sure you make your venue aware of this and ask if there is anywhere they can sit and eat (as they will not be taking photos as you and the guests are eating anyway).

 - Ask your venue how they tend to serve up dinner. For example, if they serve bread rolls with the meal, do they leave them on the table along with other additional dishes. If this is the case, the already heavily decorated table will become extremely crowded and difficult to eat at.

 - Make sure there will be somebody at the venue topping up the hand towels / paper towels, soap and loo roll throughout the day and evening!

 - Most suppliers like to start setting up at the venue around 2 hours before the ceremony. Don't just assume that this is okay with the venue. You need to make sure that this time slot is available. 

 - If you will be having your ceremony at the venue as well as your reception, ask whether the same chair covers / chairs will be used in the ceremony room as in the reception room. Some venues cannot move chairs from one room to another (I'm guessing for H&S Regs). If this is the case, extra chair covers and sashes will need to be accounted for in your budget.

 - If you are using your own crockery / glassware etc. to fit in with your theme, you need to make sure that the venue will take away, wash, and re-use your items. You don't want them bringing out their plain white mugs because you have run out. It will completely ruin the look!

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