Guess What?!

Okay so this is where I announce the 'up and comings'...

Guess What?! I'm...

Sat 07.12.13
Making all of my Christmas cards this year and can't wait to share it with you all. Some say I am making far too much work for myself, but personally I can't stand not being ultra busy! Keep an eye out for my post on how I made them. I hope it inspires some of you to make your own (even if it is next year), it is so fun and rewarding. 

Guess What?! I'm...

Mon 22.04.13
Going to meet the bees!! That's right, my mum's friend has agreed for me to come along and learn about what it takes to be a good bee keeper. I feel it will be important to find out where my Wedding Favour Honey is coming from and the importance of bee keeping in Britain.
I'm not sure when this will be going ahead exactly as things like the weather (I could be waiting 'til next year!) need to be taken into consideration. But keep an eye out, I will be posting photos and info as soon as I can!

Guess What?! I'm...

Wed 17.04.13
Going to invest in a new book soon that I feel will help with decorating the tables at our wedding, as well as the tables at all my future dinner parties I will hold (once I learn to cook properly - fingers crossed!). 
Anyway, keep checking the library and I'll let you all know whether or not it's a good read.

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