Monday, 20 January 2014

Handmade Bath Essentials

I keep finding myself back inside my new favourite gift shop that opened in my hometown fairly recently - Luna Blue
Its a brilliant go-to for birthdays, new babies, or if you simply fancy treating yourself. I think that its important to support shops like this as you don't see them around that often anymore. They are stockists of gift items from Dora Designs, Frith and Disaster to name a few names. Luna Blue also do framing and framed my lovely piece by Gemma Austen beautifully.
I have noticed, that one thing I have invested in time and time again from here is bath bombs. Although sold by Luna Blue, these particular ones are made by Bomb Cosmetics. They pride themselves on supplying handmade, natural and beautiful bath bombs and bath melts. 

Through following a certain pre-wedding 'beauty regime', it is apparent that Sunday night is my bath night and I have developed a liking for sinking into a lovely warm, scented bath. Funnily enough, this is something I never used to enjoy - now I look forward to it every week! After buying many of these as gifts for friends and family, I decided to visit Luna Blue and treat myself this weekend. The image above shows a range of bath creamers by Bomb Cosmetics. The creamers are handmade and filled with cocoa and Shea butters - leaving skin delightfully soft. They also contain essential oils and perfumes, allowing the bath to smell gorgeous.

Almost too beautiful to fizz away in the bath, here is the Harajuku Girl Bath Creamer and the Rosie Heart Creamer. 
I love picking a selection of these to display in boxes as pretty gifts. They look so appealing!

Here is the Blackberry Bath Creamer, the Flower Bazaar Bath Creamer and the Feel the Love Bath Creamer. I can't wait to try these out and see how they smell. To find out what is in each one, and for a description of their scents, I suggest visiting their website for a full description on each. There is a vast array of bath essentials to browse through. 

I also bought what Bomb Cosmetics call a Bath Mallow and used it straight away. It looked like a delicious tiny cupcake good enough to eat!... but don't. Also containing cocoa butter, they're great for leaving skin silky soft. Bomb Cosmetics blend many ingredients and scents together in their mallows to create a beautifully fragrant bath.
Alongside Bath Creamers and Bath Mallows, Bomb Cosmetics also create what they call Butter Loops, Cocoa Swirls, Bath Tulips, Bath Buttercups and Bath Brulees - delicious!

I also adore bath bombs that colour the water. My most favourite coloured bath so far has been created by a cone-shaped bath bomb by the more well-known Lush - who also pride themselves on creating 'fresh handmade cosmetics'. It turned the water this gorgeous bright pink and smelled absolutely divine! 

Now there is a point to this post! I am actually going to add 'attempt to make my own bath bombs and melts' to the ever-growing list of things to do after the wedding.
If I could create something that looks good enough to eat, turns the water a beautiful colour, smells great, and doesn't leave you with a burning rash(!) then I will be one happy bunny.
Is this something any of you have thought about doing? If so... have you ever? And how did it go?
I need to do some research - maybe look into classes or invest in a couple of books. But it would be brilliant to make something by hand that would make an ideal gift. I would love to know your thoughts on this.
Next time you plan on taking a nice hot bubble bath - make sure you have a pretty bath mallow to hand - its so worth it!

Keep watching this space!

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